Have You Spent Your COVID Relief Funding? Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on August 16th, 2022

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Have You Spent Your COVID Relief Funding?

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covid funding flyer thumb1Now, don't panic yet...but ESSER I funding is expiring on September 30th, 2022. It's "use it or lose it" crunch time.

ESSER II funding ends September 30th, 2023.

ESSER III funding ends September 30th, 2024.

According to a FutureEd analysis, most schools focused on spending their funding dollars on academic recovery, staffing, and school facilities and operations. Followed by technology, mental and physical health supports, and other miscellaneous financials, you, of course, have lots to consider as you determine how to finalize your spending of these precious funds.

Academic Recovery

Place Values perfectaStudents missed a lot of in-classroom time, and learning was obviously disrupted during the school closings and hybrid learning schedules forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Academic recovery has been a process of figuring out how to help those students who were most affected by the lapse in normalcy.

To combat this, many schools are choosing to strengthen their after-school and summer learning programs with additional opportunities for in-person instruction with the students who need it most. And with these programs, educators need extra curriculum supports and items to replace outdated learning materials to really provide hands-on and engaging materials to reinvigorate learning for their students.

Extended Learning Possibilities eBook ThumbThe VariQuest® Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite was designed with engagement in mind to help create hands-on manipulatives, group activity supports and anchor charts, and visual aids to keep learners focused and involved as they navigate complex concepts and expand their skillsets. Download our Extended Learning Possibilities Lesson Plan Activity eBook for examples and templates to see for yourself.


You might be sick of hearing, "In our 21st Century world..." but the reality is that technology is always evolving, and at its core was designed to make our lives easier. This is especially true for educators who are being stretched as thin as they've ever been among staffing shortages and additional learning opportunity needs, on top of navigating a time of challenging mental health struggles with so much going on in our world.

elementary cutout maker girlWe've designed the VariQuest tools and software with this in mind - our suite saves educators precious TIME. From over 22,000 templates, graphics, cutouts, and collections in the VariQuest Design Software's Engage Every Learner® Content, to our in-house poster design systems and digital die-cut machine, our Education Consultants, many of them former educators, truly believe in the power of these products in classrooms and schools, to save time and money in providing for students, but easing the burden on staff in the process.

Mental and Physical Health Supports

Ocean Sensory Path cutout maker enews thumbIn order to teach the whole child, you need to support the whole child. Educators have always been shining adult role models for their students outside the home, and now even more is being asked of them. Social distancing and isolation during the pandemic has taken a toll, and many social justice issues have demanded our attention.

With more social-emotional learning curriculum, materials, and training needed for staff, consider the use of tools that will help you design calming spaces, teach kindness, courage, and respect, and remind students that working together and including everyone is of the utmost importance. 

social-emotional lesson plan unit thumb1

Download our Social-Emotional Learning Lesson Plan Unit for tons of templates and examples to see how the VariQuest tools can help you do just that.

Want more resources to help you decide on your spending? Check out:

Need more convincing? Schedule a no-obligation demonstration with a dedicated education consultant to see how the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite not only aligns with your COVID funding spending requirements, but could be a great help in your school for both your students and staff!

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