[Videos] What are the Best Educational Tools for Schools? #variquestvalue Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on May 4th, 2022

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[Videos] What are the Best Educational Tools for Schools? #variquestvalue

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Have you ever wondered why we choose to work for VariQuest? We've got a whole team of dedicated employees and in our new promotional video series, #variquestvalue, you can hear their unique stories and perspective on our brand and the value our products and services bring to our customers!

Heidi Glasow - Senior Training & Marketing Specialist

You might recognize this face! Senior Marketing Specialist Heidi Glasow has been the face and voice of countless instructional videos and training webinars for VariQuest, and there's a reason she's been with us for over 16 years! With her degree in education, and as a former student teacher and parent volunteer, Heidi would have loved to have had the Cutout Maker 1800 available in her school to make assembling creative bulletin boards quicker and easier.

"One of my biggest struggles [as an educator] was coming up with creative bulletin board displays and with access to over 200 predesigned collections in the VariQuest software, that would have made my life so much easier."

- Heidi Glasow, Sr. Training & Marketing Specialist at VariQuest


Melanie Bean - Education Consultant

A veteran of the special education teaching community, Melanie Bean has been an Education Consultant for VariQuest for 6 years! Melanie's appreciation for the #variquestvalue stems from her experience in teaching and her deep knowledge of what educators need to spark creativity and make their tasks easier in enriching student learning. In this video Melanie explains how tools in the VariQuest Suite, such as the Cutout Maker 1800 and Perfecta® STP Series Poster Design System, would have saved her time and money when creating lesson plans and manipulatives for students with a wide range of needs and learning styles.

"It's like when Dorothy lands in Oz and everything turns to full color."

- Melanie Bean, Education Consultant for VariQuest


Dee Carver - Graphic Production Artist

Dee Carver is a Graphic Production Artist for VariQuest and creates most of the content you see in the VariQuest Design Software! Learn why the role she plays as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager has been fulfilling, and how the Engage Every Learner® Content is making classroom prep faster and easier!

"Teachers have so much on their plate and they work so hard and I love that what I'm doing can make things just a little bit easier for them."

- Dee Carver, Graphic Production Artist for VariQuest


Erin Summers - Education Consultant

In our first #variquestvalue Instagram Reel, Erin Summers, one of our Education Consultants and a former educator in a first grade classroom, shares one of her favorite English Language Arts customizable templates for the Perfecta STP Series Poster Design System and explains why she would have loved to have had the VariQuest tools in her classroom to create re-usable materials for activities such as an interactive read-aloud!

"It's bright, it's neat, it's visually engaging...this is something I would have loved to have in my 1st grade classroom."

- Erin Summers, Education Consultant for VariQuest


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