How to Use Visual Learning Tools for Promoting Equality in Your School Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on September 24th, 2020

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How to Use Visual Learning Tools for Promoting Equality in Your School

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KIND PosterWith the return of students to classrooms during this pandemic, 2020 has provided a robust amount of talking points and learning opportunities surrounding important topics such as race, inclusivity, safety and mental health. So how do you equip your teachers to address these topics with their students? How do you empower them to build substantial understanding and empathy towards their fellow classmates, neighbors and community members?

Using Visual Learning Tools to Jumpstart These Conversations

in our classroom posterStudents process information visually. In fact, it’s been determined that humans are 65% more likely to retain information if a visual aid is associated with the lesson. Now more than ever, visual aids can help enhance conversations around the importance of inclusivity amongst your students. Whether it’s discussing the difference in holidays celebrated by the student body, the importance of safe practices when it comes to mental health during a pandemic or how to empathize with others; posters, stickers, and cutouts that are created by educational tools such as poster makers, die cut machines and cold press laminators, help enhance learning because students can apply a visual image to these important discussions.

Empowering Your Teachers to Promote Diversity & Equality in Your School

how are you feeling poster thumbOur Perfecta® Poster Design System is one of the most useful products in our line to help your teachers create important aids for their students. Some of the posters & visual learning tools that help introduce challenging discussions with students are: These visual aids help jumpstart enriching conversation between teachers and their students. They help build a level of community among the children and emphasize the importance of collaboration, empathy and respect.


Knowing that visual learning tools are a key to retention in learning, it’s important that teachers are utilizing these tools for their students to help introduce diversity and equality into their classroom. VariQuest is the premier provider of interactive learning tools for educators to provide ongoing professional development, educational insights and curriculum resources. For more information on our suite of tools, request a no-obligation demonstration with one of our expert education consultants today!Request a Demonstration