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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on September 14th, 2021

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[Video] Creating Personalization Labels for the Classroom

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For organization, for health, for safety, or for sanity - labels make a huge difference.

In the classroom, labels are needed now more than ever - to keep track of constantly changing schedules, student belongings, personal protection equipment (PPE) supplies, and the list goes on. With capabilities for user-friendly customization, class list uploads, and creative template options, the VariQuest® Design Software, complete with our educator-influenced Engage Every Learner® Content, makes creation easy on the VariQuest Motiva® 400 Specialty Printing System. See how easy it is:

The Motiva, plus its wide assortment of templates and graphics to choose from, presents an amazing solution for creating personal property stickers and classroom organization labels to promote health & safety - as well as the everyday management of your classroom. But that's not all...here are some other ideas of what you can create for your students:

Response Cards

motiva response cards 140 enews thumbWith lots of instruction these days being conducted virtually, in a hybrid setting, or while wearing masks, response cards are a great way to engage large class participation without anyone talking over one another, and they give you a great gauge on how much of the class is grasping the material. Click the photo to watch how easy they are to create!

Motivation Stickers or Awards

Motivation Station-1

At a time when supporting social-emotional health is of the utmost importance, you want to reward and encourage your students who are striving to do their best. Use motivational stickers, classroom candy awards, or achievement plaques to build up class morale and boost achievement and success throughout the learning process. 

And that's not all it can do - you can create flashcards, bumper stickers, interactive journal supports, and more with this powerful system.

Ready to learn more? Our expert education consultants would love to meet with you to discuss further how the Motiva and other solutions in the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite could help solve challenges at your school. Request a no-obligation demonstration today!

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