End of Year Candy (and Cereal!) Awards Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on April 28th, 2021

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End of Year Candy (and Cereal!) Awards

Recognition | Featured Topics: Student Engagement

Hopefully you've heard it constantly this year, but it deserves to be said again:

motiva animal crackers award2

You're doing great.

You're doing your best, your students are doing their best, and their parents are doing their best. The end of the year brings up these sentiments more than any other time of year, as you prepare to break for summer and send these students to their new classrooms next school year.

And all the hard work your students have done - deserves a little reward and recognition. And what kid (or kid at heart) doesn't love a little treat!?

You can make it as hearty (cereal) or sweet (candy) as you please, but you can make it easy using the VariQuest® Motiva® 400 Specialty Printer and Engage Every Learner® Content to create labels for your treats to show your students their work has not gone unnoticed!

Try some candy:

  • motiva starburst candy award"You're the [Almond Joy] in my day!"
  • "You make me [Laffy Taffy]!"
  • "Your [Jolly Rancher] Attitude Brightens Our Days!"
  • "I've had so much [Fun Dip] this year!"
  • "You Rock!" [Pop Rocks]
  • "You're such a star, I could burst!" [Starburst]

For more ideas, check out our previous blog End of Year Candy Awards for Students and Staff.

How about some cereal options?

  • motiva cereal awardsFrosted Flakes - "You're GRRRREAT!"
  • Lucky Charms - "I was so lucky to have you in class this year!"
  • Cocoa Puffs - I'm cuckoo for the progress you've made this year!"
  • Special K - "You sure are special to me!"
  • Kix - "He/She Kix, she scores!"
  • "You make all of our days so {Cheerios!]"
  • "It's been a [Rice Krispies] TREAT teaching you this year!"
  • [Corn Pops] "You're top of the pops!"

To honor the 2020/2021 School Year:

  • IMG_20210427_154455461Air [Hugs]
  • "This year has been a circus, but you're an amazing performer!" [Animal Crackers]
  • "We've survived some [Whoppers] this year!"
  • "There are [Good & Plenty] reasons to be thankful for all you've accomplished this year!"
  • "Thanks for [Tootsie Roll]ing with the changes this year!"
  • Masks & Movement [M&Ms]

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