Looking for Printed Materials for Distance Learning? Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on February 18th, 2021

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Looking for Printed Materials for Distance Learning?

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Distance learning has been hard on students (and teachers!) - not just from the lack of human interaction, but the stress of figuring out new technologies, the eye strain of staring at screens, and the absence of hands-on, collaborative learning activities they thrive on in a classroom setting. With distractions abound and parents often struggling to assist, take-home, printed activities may be a strategy worth employing to encourage a kinesthetic approach to a learning environment we've all had to adapt to.

As discussed in a recent article for eSchool news, several studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of print vs. digital learning, and the results should surprise no one. Printed materials are easier for brains to process than information on-screen, and the physical engagement of such materials allow for enhanced focus, without the distractions of the vastness on the world wide web.

As such, if you're looking for more printed materials for your distance learning students, we've got some here for you!

Math Toolkits

math toolkit take home resource enews thumbDivided between primary and intermediate levels, this guide provides a list of the resources you can create and print to help students with learning math at home plus two introductory lessons to help students become familiar with their toolkits and learn how to use the tools. From Ten Frames to Number Bonds to Hundred Charts, learn more and get your free download here!

Y-Chart Learning

hybrid learning y chart blog thumb_

A tried-and-true method, the y-chart can be a valuable tool to help students organize their thoughts before beginning a unit of study. Exploring what your students already know about a concept not only helps you cater your teaching to their existing knowledge, but sharing with the group promotes cooperation and a shared goal. Download this free resource helping you explore printed y-charts for distance or hybrid learning!

Create a Game

create a game enews imageIt's well known among educators that in the learning pyramid, students learn a small percentage of what they see, hear, and do - but they learn the most from teaching others. In this activity to practice math skills, students in grades 1-8 will put together their own game - helping them learn during its creation, and when the game is carried out, they're teaching others how to follow by the rules they designed! Download game board templates and guidelines for this fun activity which encourages family involvement!

Labels for the Home

ELL labels for the home enews thumbDesigned for English Language Learning (ELL) students or students learning to read, this activity involves printed materials to help identify items around the house so students can practice reading, writing, and drawing them. Using cutout shapes of basic household items like tables, chairs, bathtubs, and more and complete with a printable booklet, letter for families, and preparation instructions, download this free "Labels for the Home" activity now.

The VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite, complete with Engage Every Learner Content, was designed for educators, by educators, to make hands-on materials for learning easy-to-create, saving you precious time. To see more of how VariQuest can help create these and other educationally-focused supports for schools, request a no-obligation demonstration today with one of our expert education consultants.

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