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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on November 12th, 2020

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Take-Home Resources for Distance Learning: Math Toolkits

Academic Subject: Mathematics | VariQuest Tools: Motiva 400 | virtual learning

ten frame board [sample]As educators scramble to plan for hybrid learning models in the upcoming holiday season, one subject on their minds, especially in the earlier grades, is math. Kits with tools for counting, multiplication tables, and reference reminders are being assembled both for classroom use, where teachers are attempting to prevent shared resources, and as a take-home resource to send with students during distance learning. Because children learn best when they can explore via hands-on activities and collaboration, these kits prove essential whether we're able to be in-person and sanitizing frequently, or when virtual support is the best we can do.

By assembling individual toolkits, you will be able to provide students with resources they need to explore math concepts with necessary help. We have partnered with Cathy Henry from Free Word Work and The Curriculum Corner, to bring you this guide for creating your own math toolkits!

What you will find:

math toolkits 2In this free guide, divided between primary and intermediate levels, you will find a list of the resources you can create and print (which is often made easier using the VariQuest® Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite and the Engage Every Learner™ Content!) You will also find two introductory lessons. The first will help your students become familiar with their toolkits, and the second is a lesson on Ten Frames and Number Bonds for K-2 students, as they work on mastering number sense both in the classroom and from home.

Math toolkitOf course, all classrooms are different with a range of abilities. The lists we are providing can be your starting point! For example, as a third grade teacher, you might look and decide to eliminate the five and ten frames but add a fraction resource from our intermediate kit instead.

Take-Home Idea:

Use the VariQuest Motiva® 400 Specialty Printer to print personalized student labels for each kit with their name and title of the packet on the baggie. (Our Engage Every Learner™ template ID #MTCH071 is a great option for this!)

Download Math ToolKit Take-Home Activity Guide

We hope the suggested materials in this guide are helpful to you, your students, and parents, as together you navigate both classroom and distance learning.

For more information on the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite, and how it can help you and your students during this time of in-person, hybrid, or distance learning, request a demonstration with one of our expert education consultants today! We align with many federal funding streams, and it is our mission to Engage Every Learner.™ In every way we can.

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