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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on February 11th, 2020

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[Lesson Plan] Social-Emotional Learning for Elementary Students: Cooperation

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Anchor Chart CooperationCooperation: to work together in a positive way towards a common goal or purpose.

From "circle time" to "group projects" and beyond, cooperation is a prevalent theme throughout all age levels of daycare, schooling, and the professional world. And cooperation can't operate alone - it requires some of our earlier social-emotional lessons to be taught first, as it incorporates kindness, fairness, respect, and so much more. Beginning in preschools where you're helping your friends, teaching cooperation (or teamwork) is a great way to motivate the class to work together and help them understand why that's important.

But cooperation isn't just in the classroom - it's important to teach students to apply what they've learned in this lesson within their families, their activities, and their places in the world.

In the eighth of a 10-lesson unit on Social-Emotional Learning designed for elementary-aged students and developed in partnership with The Curriculum Corner, students will explore Cooperation. Through a series of group discussions, self-reflection activities, and literary analysis, students will increase their social-emotional awareness of cooperation and how it can be an effective way to reach a common goal. 

Download this free lesson plan unit on social-emotional learning for elementary-aged students containing:

  • Activities
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  • Printable anchor charts, response cards, & worksheets
  • School/Home Connection Ideas

Download the Cooperation Lesson Plan & Printables!

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