Educational Tools for Kinesthetic Learners Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on June 23rd, 2021

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Educational Tools for Kinesthetic Learners

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resources.variquest.comwp-contentuploadssites2202103Brain-Exercise-CardsKinesthetic learners learn best while processing information when they are physically engaged or active in some way. The standard classroom setting is not necessarily well-suited for these learners. They tend to learn better when involved in active participation in some form. At VariQuest, we offer a wide-ranging selection of tools and resources to help you innovate and transform your classroom experience, including providing visual/kinesthetic learning tools for kinesthetic learners and those teaching these students.

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The tools we provide are designed to support educators and students. We help educators access the tools and resources they need to successfully teach kinesthetic learners through various processes of visual learning. The combination of curriculum-based content with visual learning tools can lead to significant educational successes for teachers and students.

An entire classroom educational experience can be transformed through the use of visual/kinesthetic learning tools. We offer a wide-ranging selection of these tools that include: poster makers, cold laminators, design software, cutout makers, and more.

Teaching Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners tend not to learn well through auditory means. When they learn information by body movements, that information is stored and retained more easily in their brains, helping them to focus and remember what they actually learned. Visuals are powerful for helping these types of students.

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These students can focus more easily when they have objects to manipulate or interact with instead of always being relegated to a paper and pencil. Other simple tools include the use of sight word cards to help solve math problems or build sentences. Teachers can encourage students to build or draw the problem at hand using manipulatives.

For more information about the kinesthetic and visual machine learning tools for students and teachers we offer, request a no-obligation demonstration of our tools from one of our expert education consultants today!

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