[Downloads] Coloring in the Classroom Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on October 12th, 2021

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[Downloads] Coloring in the Classroom

Lessons/Activities/Templates | Featured Topics: Student Engagement | social-emotional learning | classroom management

We paint our walls, choose our belongings, and get dressed every day based on color. With an immense gift as a species to see the world through vibrant tones, it has been researched and frequently discussed that color can have mood-boosting, mind-stimulating, and sensory-calming effects on humans.

And of course, our classrooms for our students are no different. Outside of the colors we use in our environment and in our learning materials, the act of coloring can also have incredible effects on the brain's ability to focus and learn, thus supporting our students' social-emotional wellbeing. Reduced anxiety, focused mindfulness, and kinesthetic busy-ness are all positive effects of this easy and do-anywhere activity.

We've rounded up some of our best coloring downloads and resources for learning, for calming, and just for fun.

mandala coloring enews thumb[Download] Mandala Coloring Sheet Pack

With intricate patterns suitable for all ages and perfect for your classroom calming corner, these mandala patterns are meant for using many vibrant colors to give students a focused, calming activity to find their center when energy levels, anger, or anxiety are at play. Download this 3-pack now!

STEM coloring page enews thumb[Download] STEM Careers Coloring Poster

Teach students about topics and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with this detailed STEM career coloring sheet depicting different tools used in these fields, as a break from your lessons or a morning activity to get students mentally prepared for their day of learning. Download it here!

halloween countdown poster thumb[Download] Halloween Coloring Countdown

Sometimes students just need a little fun to look forward to, and the Halloween holiday is one such fun event! Use this download as a poster for a full-class activity, where you can draw names to have one student come up and color in a space on the poster each morning, or hand out sheets to each student for a quiet brain-break activity at their desk. Download it now!


brain color[Blog] The Neuroscience of Color

Written and researched by Dr. Melissa Hughes, author and expert on whole-brain teaching and learning, this blog post explores how color connects neural pathways and integrates the 12 intelligences, enabling learners to construct meaning and make deeper cognitive connections with content, You'll also learn how color creates a physiological and emotional response that impacts learning. Read more about this fascinating topic here.

We hope these resources and activities are useful in your classroom as you continue to support students in not only their learning, but social-emotional health as well. 

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