[Download] Sensory Path for Elementary Students: Dinosaur Discovery Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on January 18th, 2023

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[Download] Sensory Path for Elementary Students: Dinosaur Discovery

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Whether students are learning by doing or learning while doing, keeping them engaged during a lesson provides for maximum learning potential.

And what kid doesn't love learning about dinosaurs?

Enter our latest sensory path for elementary students: Dinosaur Discovery.

Designed for grades K-3 and special education, this sensory path combines learning about dinosaurs with writing and reading activities to incorporate English Language Arts (ELA) with science for a truly engaging and fun activity.

Increased focus and expended energy are just two of the benefits of a sensory path - but they can also be a great break from traditional instruction. Using this free downloadable activity kit, you'll have all the resources, printables, and tips you'll need to carry out and try this lesson in your classroom!

Designed and created in partnership with Cathy Henry of Free Word Work and The Curriculum Corner, we at VariQuest are thrilled to offer this Dinosaur Discovery Sensory Path Activity free just for you! This packet includes:

  • 'Write the Room' Activities
  • 'All About' Worksheets
  • An "I Spy" Printable
  • And of course, all the shapes and cutouts needed to implement this sensory path in your classroom or hallway!

VariQuest Customers: Visit the VariQuest Resource Center for the full Cutout Maker 1800 Collection to add this sensory path to your VariQuest Design Software!

Download Our Sensory Path Activity: Dinosaur Discovery

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