[Videos] Classroom Supports for Vision Boards, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Valentine's Day Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on January 13th, 2023

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[Videos] Classroom Supports for Vision Boards, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Valentine's Day

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When you return from winter break and begin a new calendar year with students, you might be looking for new ways to start fresh with your lessons and may even make resolutions to create more hands-on projects. Often outdone by the commercially celebrated holidays at the end of the year, setting New Year's goals, honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and celebrating Valentine's Day provide for lots of fun ways you can celebrate and discuss social-emotional and historical concepts with your students in those first few months of the year.

We at VariQuest® are always brainstorming to come up with fun, new ways to teach lessons in your classroom, and because many of us are visual learners, we'd like to not only tell you about them, we'd like to show you how easy it is to create all of these visual and kinesthetic learning supports - with videos!

For Goal-Setting in the New Year - Vision Boards

A vision board is, quite simply, a visual representation of your goals. Being able to frequently see these goals depicted through imagery, words, and symbols provides us with daily reminders to work towards accomplishing them, and the keepsake holds you more accountable to make progress. Featuring cutouts, drawings and your own creativity, use this corkboard template download, free for customers on the VariQuest Resource Center, to hand out to students with ideas to display attainable hopes and dreams for their futures.

Check out our video with tips and a demonstration of how to use the VariQuest Perfecta® Poster Design System, Cutout Maker 1800 Digital Die-Cut System, and Motiva® 400 Specialty Printer using the VariQuest Design Software and Engage Every Learner® Content for creating amazing vision boards with students in your classroom!

For Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Content Supports

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - celebrated annually around his birthday on the third Monday of January - honors the contributions of Dr. King to the Civil Rights Movement in fighting for racial justice and equality in the United States. Signed into law as a federal holiday by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, it is an important day to recognize with discussion of a pivotal time in our nation's history, and how students can continue to spread his messages of inclusivity and standing up for justice in their own lives today. 

Check out this video showcasing different classroom and hallway supports for students to recognize and honor this holiday to be created on the Perfecta, Cutout Maker, and Motiva utilizing content found in the VariQuest Design Software and Engage Every Learner Content.

For Celebrating Valentine's Day - Create Custom Cards

However you celebrate Valentine's Day in your classroom, it's a wonderful concept to give cards to all students recognizing how special they are to you, in their own ways. Check out this video showcasing how the Perfecta Poster Design System and Cutout Maker Digital Die-Cut System can work together to help you create your own custom Valentine's Day cards and envelopes for your students, to brighten everyone's day!

Whatever you're celebrating in these first months of the year, the VariQuest Suite is designed to help. With over 22,000 templates, cutouts, fonts, graphics, and collections in the VariQuest Software, there's no limit to what you can create and print for your learning community!

For a no-obligation demonstration of the VariQuest® Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite and what it can help with in your classrooms and school buildings, schedule a meeting with one of our expert Education Consultants today!

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