Valentine's Day Classroom Activity - Find who loves what you love! Blog Feature
Carman Le

By: Carman Le on February 12th, 2018

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Valentine's Day Classroom Activity - Find who loves what you love!

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Valentines Day Get to Know Each Other Activity Thumb.pngAre you looking for an easy, fun and inclusive Valentine's Day activity for your students this week? Or maybe you're looking for a classroom activity where students can learn about, and relate to one another. Either way, I've got the perfect, easy solution for you - including a free printable!

Introducing, "All the Things I Love," A get-to-know each other activity best executed in grades K-5.

Finding someone who loves what you love is a fun exercise for the entire class. This activity involves all students by asking them to locate others in the class fitting descriptions showing how similar their likes and interests are. This is a great way for students to learn something personal about their fellow classmates and build community in the classroom. Students will also enjoy the mobility and sociability of the activity!                                                                                                                                                                            

Download the free Valentine's Day printable!

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1. Hand out a sheet to each student, and have them write their own favorites in the blanks.

2. Have students walk around the classroom to find others who match (or like) their same favorites, and have them write their name in the heart near that description. Note: limit to one heart per student, if possible! 

3. Gather students together and have them share one thing they learned from each other through this activity.



  • Execute this activity during morning meeting time as a warm-up for the day.
  • Be a part of this activity! Provide your students an opportunity to learn about you. You are a major part of your classroom community!
  • Challenge yourself to remember one favorite thing from each of your students. They will appreciate it!


Plan to use this activity in your classroom? We'd love to see how it went! Post a photo on Twitter and tag @VariQuest and you could be featured in our next blog!


IMG_0037.jpg Carman Le, Education Development Specialist for VariQuest, is an elementary school educator with experience teaching in multiple school settings, ranging from Title I to STEM magnet to National Blue Ribbon schools. Carman has a master’s degree in teaching (MAT) from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She was recognized as a MeckEd Teacher of Excellence in 2015. Carman is passionate about collaborating with teachers and engaging students through hands-on learning and the integration of technology.