Teaching Visual Learners in Special Education Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on February 22nd, 2024

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Teaching Visual Learners in Special Education

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According to Neil Fleming's popular "VARK" model of learning types/styles, there are 4 main learning styles - including visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Other models list additional types including social, logical, solitary, musical, and combinations of any of these.

Visual learners comprehend concepts best when there are visual aids to complement learning. Examples of this could include graphs, symbols, depictions, or otherwise. It's why we decorate our classrooms with vibrant anchor charts, conceptual reminders, and graphic examples! And because neurodivergent students typically learn better with visuals rather than relying on verbal, special education classrooms can benefit greatly from supplemental learning materials that complement teaching a wide range of concepts.

The VariQuest® Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite - complete with valuable tools and leading-edge educational content - was designed with all kinds of learners in mind - so when it comes to visual learners, we've rounded up some great examples of how our tools can help!

Visual Cue Cards

Visual Cue Cards ThumbnailVisual cue cards can be a supportive tool for students with special needs or English Language learners, but a set of visual prompts can also be helpful to students outside of these groups. These 10 visual cue cards, paired with lessons and activities in our free download, include prompts for both praising and redirecting students in the classroom.

VariQuest Customers can print and laminate these cards from the VariQuest Software using the Motiva® 400 Specialty Printer and Cold Laminator 2510 - but anyone can download the lesson plan and printables here, too!

Download the Visual Cue Cards Activity Booklet Now!

Visual Schedule Cards

Visual Schedule CardsCreated with special education students in mind but also useful in primary classrooms, these visual classroom schedule cards are designed to help students understand the routine of their day. In this lesson plan complete with additional printables and activities, you'll also find planning organizer mats and timesaving tips to create a beautiful classroom schedule display!

VariQuest Customers can print and laminate these cards and mats from the VariQuest Software for their Motiva Specialty Printer and Perfecta® Poster Design System - but anyone can download this lesson plan and printables right now!

Download the Visual Schedule Cards Lesson Plan

Communication Boards

communication boardsIf a student is non-verbal or working on learning a new language, it is ideal to give them a visual means to communicate while they practice new skills or try to get their needs across. Using a communication board - complete with emojis, symbols, and depictions, can be a great help for a student who needs additional tools to aid in their learning.

VariQuest Customers can download these communication boards in both English and Spanish on the VariQuest Resource Center or find them in their VariQuest Software's Engage Every Learner® Content to be printed on their Perfecta® Poster Design System or Motiva® 400 Specialty Printer!

For more information on how the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite powered by our Engage Every Learner Content could help with teaching special education students in your school, contact us today for a no-obligation demonstration with one of our expert education consultants. Aligning with many federal funding streams including IDEA and Title I, you'll love what our tools can offer your educators in saving both time and money.

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