[eBook] Hands-On with Minds On: Why STEM Education and 3D Printing are a Perfect Pair Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools on October 19th, 2017

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[eBook] Hands-On with Minds On: Why STEM Education and 3D Printing are a Perfect Pair

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HandsOnWithMindsOn_eBook.pngSTEM education has traditionally focused on teaching subjects individually, with math and science as completely separate courses. But new standards suggest a more integrated framework, where students learn to make connections across all subject areas, and connect these disciplines to the world around them...and 3D Printing is a perfect way to do just that.

Teaching STEM education with 3D Printing automatically combines technology and engineering, in addition to the objectives of each lesson, which might be English, social studies, or even art-based, providing a hands-on project to bring concepts to life. For example, here's a lesson (from the eBook) that could involve at least 5 disciplines...

Help students use a 3D Printer to design and create a small slingshot and blocks, inscribed with "cause" and "effect". Students can then assess their projectiles by evaluating and developing sentences describing the cause and effect of different slingshot pointing and pulling strategies. Next, expand their sentences to talk about force, velocity, or angles. You've now combined multiple subjects and disciplines into one easy-to-understand lesson!

But this is just scratching the surface on why STEM and 3D Printing are the perfect match. We've got a few more lesson ideas for you, plus a deeper dive into why this integrated STEM approach matters, and a real-life story about a school who's doing it well in our eBook, Hands-On with Minds On: The Power of Pairing STEM Curriculum with 3D Printers. Download it free now!   

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