[Printable] Don't Keep it Bottled Up Compliment Cards Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on May 17th, 2023

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[Printable] Don't Keep it Bottled Up Compliment Cards

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Bottle Compliments thumbWhat does a compliment cost? Nothing!

When you give someone a compliment, not only are you making them feel better, you get a little happiness boost from the good deed as well. Teaching our students about spreading kindness is an invaluable life lesson, and this activity is an easy, fun way to do it!

Download these printable bottle templates to help students spread a little joy throughout your learning community - and "Don't Keep it Bottled Up!" 

Download Our Set of Bottle Compliment Cards

VariQuest customers can download this template from the VariQuest Resource Center for printing the whole collection on the VariQuest® Perfecta® Poster Design System!

Here are some ideas on how you can use these compliment cards:

Bulletin Board in Your Classroom

Motiva 380.380Set up a station in front of a bulletin board in your classroom where students can fill out and submit their compliment cards in an anonymous box - or they can sign their names to the cards and pin directly to the board.

You can allow this to happen organically as students wish to compliment their classmates, or assign each student one of their peers to consider something nice they'd like to pin to say about them.

Hallway or Locker Décor

Spread kindness in the hallways! Maybe you want to write a compliment for each of your students to affix to their lockers, or maybe you assign partners to compliment each other and place their card anywhere in the school building. Displaying these compliment cards in your school common areas might inspire other classes to do the same, or it might spread the kindness and joy throughout the school, as students and staff explore each kind word, looking for details that may be about them!

Handing out to Students

With a compliment jar station in your classroom, the possibilities are endless for students to anonymously (or not) submit compliments about their peers. Whether you distribute these at the end of each week, send them home in a take-home folder for parental involvement, or use them in a class exercise to exchange, there's nothing like spreading great compliments to keep your students smiling!

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