How Do You Recognize Students? Create a Selfie Station! Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on March 10th, 2022

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How Do You Recognize Students? Create a Selfie Station!

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variquest classroom selfie station

There are plenty of reasons and ways to recognize students. Doing so promotes self-confidence, determination, a positive attitude, and overall social-emotional wellbeing!

In the age of cell phones, social media influencers, and YouTube stars, the word "selfie" has become commonly used in our vocabularies, and the concept is foreign to no one. Alongside displaying student artwork in your school hallways and classrooms, allow students to showcase work they're especially proud of, and infuse parental involvement in a modern way with this fun and easy selfie station in your classroom!

Create Your Student Recognition Selfie Station

VariQuest® Customers can visit the VariQuest Resource Center to download the above materials for free and easily print on their VariQuest Perfecta® Poster Design System and laminate with the VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510! Not a VariQuest Customer? [Yet?] Check out this video to see how easy we make it - or keep scrolling to learn how to create your own!

  1. Create a poster or place a laminated sheet in your classroom explaining the use of the "selfie station." Ours says, "Have a piece of work that you are proud of? Take a selfie stick, attach it to your work, and a picture of it will be taken and sent home!"  
  2. Design small "camera" or "selfie sticks" students can clip onto their finished work. Consider that the work might be a written essay, art project, or presentation board so affixing a paper clip or binder clip with tape or glue to a brightly colored image of a camera or photo would be a great solution for an inviting and intuitive piece. We highly recommend laminating these images/cards for added durability as they can be used over and over again!
  3. Then of course, designate where they can place their "selfie" work in the classroom, whether it's in a special folder or spot near the poster, or to be left on their desks at the end of the class or day. It is also important to set expectations with your students as to how soon you promise to send their work after they follow these directions - whether it will be a specific time each week, or within a 48 hour period after they submit.

We hope you enjoyed this idea to motivate your students in completing great work! If you'd like to learn more about how the VariQuest tools make this and other social-emotional learning exercises easier, schedule a no-obligation demonstration with one of our expert education consultants to see how the VariQuest Suite can solve challenges in your school!

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