How Can I Incorporate Mindfulness in the Classroom? Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on September 12th, 2019

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How Can I Incorporate Mindfulness in the Classroom?

Professional Development | Featured Topics: Professional Development | social-emotional learning

Calm2We hear a lot about mindfulness, or being fully present and aware in every moment, as it relates to distractions from our phones, computers, and TV screens, but is it about meditation, mantras, and breathing - or is it really something more?

There is a wealth of evidence that demonstrates the value of mindfulness. We are inundated 24/7 by some form of media, our work schedules go 'round the clock thanks to infinite connectivity, our after-school schedules require color-coded calendars to manage, and...we're always trying to fit in more, more, more.

The brain isn’t designed to work that way.

So how can we, as educators, "slow the roll" and maximize a student's brain functionality for learning?

Recent research exploring the value of mindfulness has found that from managing emotions to resolving conflicts to creating the optimal conditions for learning in the brain, incorporating mindfulness generates huge rewards for the teacher and the student. Mindfulness-based practices can be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety in students and improve their academic and behavioral outcomes.

You're thinking, "Sounds excellent. Let's do this." And we're here to tell you how - in our Professional Development webinar aptly titled, Mindfulness in the Classroom

We'll hear from Dr. Melissa Hughes, expert on whole brain teaching & learning, as she explains how mindfulness affects the structure and function of the brain, then from Carman Le, MAT, who will provide creative application ideas to put mindfulness to work in your classroom.

This webinar has passed - but VariQuest customers can view the recording on the VariQuest Resource Center - click here now!

About Dr. Hughes

melissa_headshot.jpgDr. Melissa Hughes is the founder of The Andrick Group and the author of the book, Happy Hour with Einstein.  She develops and delivers professional development opportunities for educators across the country based upon whole-brain thinking and learning for deeper cognition and increased student engagement.


About Carman Le

CarmanLeCarman Le, Education Development Specialist for VariQuest, is an elementary school educator with experience teaching in multiple school settings, ranging from Title I to STEM magnet to National Blue Ribbon schools. Carman has a master’s degree in teaching (MAT) from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She was recognized as a MeckEd Teacher of Excellence in 2015. Carman is passionate about collaborating with teachers and engaging students through hands-on learning and the integration of technology.