[eBook] Opening Schools Safely - Social-Emotional Wellbeing Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on September 10th, 2020

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[eBook] Opening Schools Safely - Social-Emotional Wellbeing

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Opening Schools Safely social emotional wellbeing thumbAs adults, we've had many years to learn and grow in processing our feelings of worry, doubt, fear, loneliness, sadness, anger, and all the other emotions brought up by the isolation and uncertainty during this pandemic. But our students have had far less experience in learning about those feelings, and it's our responsibility as role models in their lives to help them through.

As educators, we teach our students to use the tools they're given to work through problems and find solutions. Giving them resources to develop traits of kindness, courage, respect, and cooperation is just as important in equipping them for the real world as reading, writing, and arithmetic. And now more than ever - they need these tools. And you could use the help in providing that for them.

We've put together Opening Schools Safely: Social-Emotional Wellbeing Edition, to give you some ideas and save some time in creating activities and lessons to help students through this emotionally taxing period on all of our lives.

Download this free eBook from VariQuest for:

  • Poster templates for calming activities and mental health check-ins (including downloads!)
  • Ideas for generating discussions and supports around emotional wellbeing
  • A social-emotional learning take-home packet lesson plan kit with printables
  • And more!

So let us help you with opening your schools in a safe, supportive environment - download our eBook now as a helpful resource to teach and learn from your students, as our world keeps changing!

Download Opening Schools Safely - Social-Emotional Wellbeing

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