Classroom Organization Tips for Educators - With Visuals! Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on December 5th, 2019

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Classroom Organization Tips for Educators - With Visuals!

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We're approaching the end of the calendar year, and that means gearing up for a holiday break, then full speed ahead in January!

While "spring cleaning" means something to the rest of society, we as educators know that any cleaning or organization....ain't gonna happen in the spring...our busiest time! So we've compiled a few classroom organization tips for these winter "hibernation" months to kickstart your ideas into full gear...

Lost Property Box Motiva StickerA "lost property" bucket or box

Of course, a "lost and found" box isn't a new concept. But especially with younger students, giving them a place to put the things they "find" gives them a chance for involvement in helping organize your classroom. Consider creating a pretty box or bucket that everyone knows keeps those missing items! (Perfect for labeling your box: The VariQuest® Motiva® 400 Specialty Printing System)

Idea from Rachel: A Tall Drink of Water 

Groups_Anchor_ChartClassroom Management Posters

Does your class struggle to follow directions, stay on task, or be kind to each other? Consider some extra visuals around the room as reinforcement. Check out our blog post on Classroom Management Posters with 5 helpful templates that might be just what you need to start the new year fresh! Or, check out lots more ideas in the VariQuest Design Software's Engage Every Learner™ Content!

Print these posters on your VariQuest Perfecta® Poster Design System.

DIY Prize PunchDIY Prize Punch Board

If you have a prize drawer or bin, you know how hard it is for students to choose just one prize as a reward for winning a game or achieving a goal. Make the whole process fun (and speed it along) with a little DIY prize punch board! Attach plastic cups to a board, place a small prize inside, and cover the opening with tissue paper and glue.

When students "win" a reward or prize, allow them to go to the wall and select a cup to "punch" (or poke) - to then receive that prize!

Idea and photo from East Coast Mommy

Homework Schedule Cutout MakerHomework Schedule

You probably already have one of these, but maybe it could use some sprucing up. Whether you have room on your whiteboard, or use a poster for the wall, list the days of the week so students learn to manage their time and schedule homework on nights they may have less after-school activities. 

This schedule was created using the VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 Digital Die Cut Machine for vinyl sticker cutouts, but you could also use the VariQuest Perfecta Poster Design System and Cold Laminator 2510 to laminate a poster and use your whiteboard markers to maximize wall space and use again and again!

Youll Need Signage Cutout Maker Motiva"You'll Need"

Help students stay focused between activities by giving them ample heads up on what they're going to need for the next project. Post on your whiteboard under "You'll Need" with cards denoting what writing utensils, classroom objects, and arts supplies will be needed once they're done with one activity and show they're ready to move onto the next!

Or, maybe you're doing a science experiment next week and you need students to bring in 2 liter bottles by Friday. This is a great place to remind them of that, as well!

You can create the words using the VariQuest Cutout Maker and cards using the Motiva.  

We hope we've given you some great organization tips, to get your room in tip-top shape as we head into the holidays. For more information on tools that make it easy to create these and other engaging classroom and school templates, manipulatives, graphics, cutouts, and more, request a free, no-obligation demonstration with one of our expert Education Consultants who can show you how the VariQuest suite could help you with your school's toughest challenges!

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