5 Colorful Classroom Management Posters Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on February 25th, 2015

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5 Colorful Classroom Management Posters

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What is your classroom identity? What do teachers and staff expect of students? What do students expect when they walk in the classroom? Classroom management is important for every teacher, regardless of subject and grade level. Teachers want to spend their time teaching, so an effective classroom management strategy can help minimize disruptions. 

Anchor charts are an effective way to reinforce classroom management strategies and practices. Acrostics help students to retain information. Using relevant words can sum up rules, expectations, procedures, etc. The blog "Journey of a Substitute Teacher" created the two similar posters below (Groups & Partners). Because group work is common when teachers are away, it is important to remind students to maintain the rules they would normally follow. The last two posters can be used to emphasize classroom culture and character education. 

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Groups_Anchor_Chart Champs_image
Partners_Anchor_Chart inourclassroomposter
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The CHAMPS acronym poster and the black and white "In this class" posters were created using PosterMyWall.