Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom & School Building Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on June 30th, 2022

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Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom & School Building

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When it comes to bulletin boards, the creativity that educators display knows no bounds. It's the timeless school décor that brings back the most familiar and fondest of memories for both young and old. As you plan for the upcoming school year, here are some fun bulletin board ideas to implement in your classroom or school building!

o-fish-ally welcome bulletin-board idea variquestThe Welcome Back Bulletin Board

A tried-and-true greeting on your bulletin board, the "welcome back" message is easy to personalize for your students to give each one of them a little shout-out as they enter a new grade level, classroom, or school building. Utilizing little shapes with each students' name, or having them share a favorite color, favorite movie, photo, or fun fact can help you and others get to know each student a little better!

Get creative with your themes and fun sayings like the pictured "O-fishally in First Grade" or "Get Ready to Grow in ___ Grade" or you can welcome each incoming class by their projected graduation year with an inspirational quote from a favorite author! 

water cycle bulletin board cutout makerThe Interactive Bulletin Board

Anytime we can incorporate our students to make them feel involved in the planning of their classroom, we get one step closer to a welcoming, cooperative environment. Utilize your bulletin boards as part of the learning experience by illustrating a unit concept to be "built" by the students themselves!

Pictured here, of course, is the water cycle. On the day of the unit of study, give each student a piece of the build and have them come up to the board to add their item as it is meant to be depicted. This could apply for math concepts, geographical organization, timelines, and more! Check out this blog post on the water cycle for a video illustration and more ideas on how you can involve your students with this interactive display concept!

light the world with kindness bulletin board idea variquestSocial-Emotional Support Bulletin Board

As every educator is focused on how to improve student mental health, you can utilize your precious bulletin board real estate to support kindness, self-confidence, and support outlets. You could:

  • Have students submit acts of kindness they've witnessed from their peers to be posted to the board
  • Showcase support message cards or pamphlets on where students can seek adult help or get a positive affirmation when they need it
  • Simply highlight a character-building trait-of-the-month where you define, for example, "courage" and showcase recognizable literary or fictional characters who exemplify the trait and how they do so

Word Wall cutout maker variquestWord Wall Bulletin Board

Help students learn to read, promote word association, define math concepts, or simply have some fun with monthly featured concepts when you simply feature words!

Applicable for all age groups, you can customize an interactive activity for elementary students where they match words to their starting letter, as seen here, or for high school students, you can get them thinking about after-graduation plans with college and career words as they plan their next step!

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