5 Posters for Earth Day! Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on April 20th, 2015

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5 Posters for Earth Day!

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EarthDay2015_Poster-407228-editedEarth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd. This special holiday provides an opportunity to teach children and young adults about sustainability, day-to-day "green" practices and the importance of environmental care. Below are 5 high-resolution, downloadable posters meant to provoke thoughts, lend ideas, and inspire students, staff, and parents to make green choices.

The Earth Day Network's official theme for this year's Earth Day, "It's Our Turn to Lead," is very fitting for a classroom setting as it asks students to envision themselves as future leaders and global stewards.

We used PosterMyWall, a free online poster-making platform, to create the two high-resolution posters below. The empty box in the "Every Day is Earth Day" poster is meant to hold your school's name or classroom identity--leave it up all spring! Display the Wendell Berry quote, "The earth is what we all have in common." to spur discussion about global competence and responsibility.



The blog Boy Mama Teacher Mama created this poster with inspirations and suggestions during on Earth Day and all year long. KidsPress Magazine released the minimalist poster with the simple message: think green. (Tip: Use the PDF-to-Poster funciton in your VariQuest Software to print these posters to your Perfecta or Poster Maker!) 



Do you have the VariQuest Design Center and accompanying software? Here are a few templates for your Poster Maker and Perfecta that are perfect for Earth Day!

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