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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on September 30th, 2021

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VariQuest Design Software v9.0

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In the fall, the leaves change, and so does our content! We just released our VariQuest® Design Software version 9.0 - packed with brand new and updated Engage Every Learner® Content, and we know you'll love all the latest additions around social-emotional wellbeing, health & safety, movement, and more.

Along with new functionality adding our new Perfecta® 2400PRO Poster Design System, and shortcuts and options to make using our tools even easier, you'll love having over 22,000 templates, graphics, fonts, collections, cutouts, sensory paths and more to use in your classrooms, hallways, and throughout your learning community.

VariQuest Customers can download this brand new version right now on the VariQuest Resource Center!Download VariQuest 9.0 Software Now!

What's New in 9.0?

Engage Every Learner® Content

  • v9.0 contains over 22,000 templates, graphics, cutouts, fonts, and collections, including new:
    • Health & Safety Posters
    • Social-Emotional Wellbeing Supports
    • Sensory Paths
    • And Much More!

VariQuest Design Software

  • Added our new VariQuest Perfecta® 2400PRO Poster Design System
  • Added Network Configuration Setup Tab to Workroom Assistant to help with configuring your Perfecta for Wi-Fi Direct, network, and hard-wired connections
  • Increased banner print speed time for Perfecta Series
  • Added ability to delete selected objects when editing using the keyboard delete key
  • And more!
Let's see some new content!variquest 9.0 screenshot content

We are proud of all the new content we've created, and we know it'll help bring the learning environment to life for your students, your staff, and you.

So go and check things out right now!

If you're a VariQuest customer, log into the VariQuest Resource Center to get the free download quickly and easily.

If you're not a VariQuest customer, we'd love to give you a live demonstration, and show you more of our new software and all the great content that comes with it. You'll love to see for yourself what our suite could do in your school!

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