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By: Geena Maharaj on May 29th, 2015

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Student Recognition Made Easy

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Students aren’t too different from rats.

They may not be scurrying around with long tails trailing behind, nor are they considered deadly pests. But as psychologist BF Skinner proved, humans and rats find commonality in positive reinforcement. As Skinner rewarded his test rats with food for doing the perceived “right thing,” they continued on the right path. As teachers recognize positive student behavior, students are galvanized to continue their positive behavior.

Of course, there are conditions that limit this rewarding behavior. Teachers can’t give a pat on the back for every job well done, just as students can’t successfully fulfill a task for the sole purpose of the reward. But with proper timing, the right behavior to reward, and the appropriate recognition, this type of extrinsic motivation can go a long, meaningful way.

Many schools across the country use the VariQuest™ Awards Maker 400 to provide on-the-spot recognition that encourages positive behavior and promotes academic progress. The professional look and feel of the customized award plaques make students feel honored and respected. Check out how Sherman Oaks School in California is using their Awards Maker to spotlight student success, or how Frank W. Reilly Elementary in Illinois uses theirs to support citizen and character initiatives. With nearly 600 customizable templates to choose from, teachers won’t run out of options to recognize their students!


Positive feedback makes any student feel good, but an award plaque can cement that feeling. A student’s entire outlook on their schoolwork and school as a whole can be positively impacted when they receive recognition for their hard work. And what better time and better way than to do so at the end of the school year with the VariQuest Awards Maker 400.

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