[SEL Activities] 3 Ideas for Students to Reflect on Their Year Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on December 14th, 2022

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[SEL Activities] 3 Ideas for Students to Reflect on Their Year

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As another calendar year comes to a close, we reflect back on all that has happened - good or bad - and consider how we can move into a new year with a positive attitude and fresh perspective.

Recent years have proven - it is so incredibly important to remember the GOOD.

We wouldn't be able to teach history in our classroom if no one had documented it, and students know that while they have many things in common, everyone is unique. And so, it is a valuable exercise to encourage students to document their own experiences.

Here are 3 ideas for students to reflect on their year as a learning assignment, social-emotional wellbeing exercise, or just a fun holiday tradition they can start with their families:

Write a letter (or create a video) for your future self, telling them about this year in review.

cutout maker suitcase bookletMaybe they want to talk about global or news events. Maybe they want to talk about what they learned in the classroom. Or maybe they went on fun family trips. Whatever the narrative, it will be a great keepsake to read or watch later when they're "all grown up." (Consider using the VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 to send home journals like BKS107 shown here - filled with lined paper, so they can decorate and customize this time-capsule piece!)

Use "feelings words" to write/draw/create and describe or depict events that happened during the year.

how are you feeling poster thumbAsk students to choose 3 "events" from the year, and assign a word to the event that describes how they feel about it. If the feeling they choose is not a happy or content one, have them discuss ways that might help them improve that feeling. For example, if the student uses "disappointed" as how they felt about being sick over Thanksgiving, they may write about scheduling video calls or beginning to plan for fun family celebrations next year. (Consider using the Motiva® 400 Specialty Printer to print "feelings" stickers to help them get started - available free for VariQuest customers on the VariQuest Resource Center!)

Gather the family to discuss (and write down) what happened throughout the year.

12 months of the year perfectaFor a take-home assignment, ask students to jot down the months of the year on a piece of paper, with space to write between each one. Have them get together with as many family members as possible, and come up with one event or activity they experienced as a family for each month. Encourage students to keep the tradition going in subsequent years, so the family can gather at the end of each year to review what they wrote in years past, and look forward to their hopes and dreams for the future. (Or use your Perfecta® Poster Design System to print the shown "Year at a Glance Banner" TCH042 for students to take home and use for this activity!)

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