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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on March 11th, 2024

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[Lesson Plan] Pi Day Activities for Upper-Elementary and Middle School Students

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Circumference, diameter, radius, apple, cherry, rhubarb?! "Pi Day" is celebrated annually on March 14th (Get it - 3.14?!) and we're here to help you celebrate!

According to piday.org, the concept of celebrating Pi Day on March 14th was started by physicist Larry Shaw at San Francisco’s Exploratorium science museum in 1988, earning him the title "The Prince of Pi!" Every year there since, a circular parade features each person participating holding one digit in the number pi. In 2009, Congress passed Resolution 224, which designated March 14th as Pi Day hoping to cultivate a higher level of enthusiasm for math and science among American students.

In this lesson plan, designed for students in upper-elementary and middle school grades and customizable for the needs of your classroom, students will work through activities coupled with printables to explore the concept of Pi. Created in partnership with Cathy Henry, educator and founder of The Curriculum Corner and Free Word Work, you'll explore common terms and discussion questions related to circles and spheres (and if-you-so-choose, tasty bakery treats!) 

A vocabulary walk, scavenger hunt, and Pi-building challenge are just three of the activities you'll find in this Pi Day booklet, along with a coloring sheet, lesson extensions, and more! With over 18 printables, your students will enjoy this unconventional "holiday" with the class - while working on their math concepts in the process!

Download this free lesson plan activity, Pi Day Activities for Upper-Elementary and Middle School Students, containing:

  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Anchor Charts
  • Discussion Prompts
  • Worksheets
  • And more!

Download the Pi Day Activities & Printables

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