[Lesson Plan] Visual Schedule Cards for Special Education Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on August 26th, 2022

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[Lesson Plan] Visual Schedule Cards for Special Education

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visual schedule cards enews thumbPlanning, organizing, and having things to look forward to are concepts we all can appreciate. While surprises are sometimes lovely, clear expectations for what's ahead can bring a sense of calm - especially for students in the classroom. "Pop quiz" is a phrase almost no one wants to hear!

For special education and primary students, this is especially true - and as we educators know, visuals can help bring a schedule to life.

So in partnership with Cathy Henry, an educator and founder of The Curriculum Corner and Free Word Work, we've created this Visual Schedule Cards Lesson Plan activity to manage classroom anxiety, help with transitions, and encourage social-emotional wellbeing in the classroom. For both verbal and non-verbal students, this exercise will promote that sense of calm with clear expectations an organized schedule can bring for both teacher and student.

In this activity, you will help students create individualized lesson plans to support their needs, with their own personal goals in mind. It helps to consider the skills the student already has and what they're working on, to set them up for success in developing real-world experience with routines and organization.

Through planning organizer mats, visual schedule cards, implementation tips, and lesson extensions, you'll be well on your way to helping your special education or primary students feel comfortable in their school settings, while reaching for important life goals.

Download this free lesson plan activity titled, Visual Schedule Cards: a Lesson for Special Ed Teachers, designed for special education or primary students containing:

  • Printable planning organizer mats
  • Printable visual schedule cards
  • Guidelines for preparing and presenting individualized plans
  • Helpful tips for introducing these activities
  • And more!

Download the Visual Schedule Cards Lesson Plan

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