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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on April 9th, 2020

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[Lesson Plan Unit] Social-Emotional Learning for Elementary Students

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social emotional learning unit ebook full thumbKindness. Fairness. Respect. Self-Discipline. Courage. Perseverance. Responsibility. Cooperation. Trustworthiness. Integrity.

Far beyond the reaches of science, math, and reading, our students are learning so much more with educators' help - understanding their feelings, working with others, and building confidence to take on the challenges that life will face them with. As teachers are often the first source of adult guidance outside the home, we owe it to our students to equip them with as many tools as possible to not only understand the solar system, but also their role as a fellow human in our great big world.

What should we do if we see someone take something that doesn't belong to them? What should we do if we see a friend who is sad? How do we work with our peers to build a tall tower? What if someone tells us a secret they ask us not to share? 

In partnership with The Curriculum Corner, VariQuest has developed a 10-lesson unit on Social-Emotional Learning designed for elementary-aged students K-5 around skills needed to be a good person - perfect for this time of virtual learning and mental health check-ins. Through a series of group discussions, learning activities, and literary analysis, students will increase their social-emotional awareness and how important it is in their lives with regards to their relationships with others. 

Download this free lesson plan unit on social-emotional learning for elementary-aged students containing:

  • Activities
  • Discussion topics
  • Printable anchor charts, response cards, & worksheets
  • School/Home Connection Ideas

Download our Social-Emotional Learning Unit for K-5 Students

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