[Lesson Plan Unit] Ecosystems Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on July 22nd, 2020

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[Lesson Plan Unit] Ecosystems

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Ecosystems eBook Cover ThumbWith all of our advances in the science field and access to more research tools than ever before, we have come to learn more about our human activities' negative impact on the earth. So how can we teach our students to preserve and protect it for future generations? 

Ecosystems is a science unit that will spark a child’s interest in our earth and the ever-present need to make it better for all living creatures. Complete with a "write-the-room"-style assessment and “All About” posters to create and share with others, students will participate in discussions on ways the class can work together to have a positive impact on the earth. As we at VariQuest put a spotlight on kinesthetic and project-based learning, this unit provides hands-on activities and games that will make the discovery of ecosystems more meaningful.

Created in partnership with The Curriculum Corner, this unit includes 10 Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-aligned lessons, along with a student guide, to help students learn about ecosystems. Students will study the characteristics of living vs. nonliving objects, develop an understanding of the food chain, and build their own ecosystem for deeper cognition.

Download this free lesson plan unit on Ecosystems for primary students containing:

  • 10 NGSS-aligned lesson plans
  • 40 downloadable posters and other resources
  • A write-the-room style assessment for students to review their learning
  • “All About” posters for students to create and share with others
  • Discussion focuses on ways the class can work together to have a positive impact on the earth

Download the Ecosystems Lesson Plan Unit

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