Interactive Teaching Styles in the Classroom and Beyond Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on September 3rd, 2020

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Interactive Teaching Styles in the Classroom and Beyond

Academic Subject: Reading | virtual learning

Anchor ChartStudents sometimes lose interest in lecture-style presentations, particularly those that lack the element of interactive teaching. Through interactive teaching styles, information is presented in an interesting and exciting way that garners attention and participation. At VariQuest, we offer a wide range of learning tools to help enhance classroom teaching and learning experiences. Our interactive learning tools for teachers and kids are designed to help children enjoy a more fulfilling and successful educational experience.Some of the best ways to engage students through interactive teaching include:

Single Topic Focus

Student participating in a session group may focus on a single topic with each student contributing ideas and thoughts. This format encourages discussion and collaboration within the group, enabling everyone to learn from each other’s input.


Typically used in group sessions, interactive brainstorming is highly useful for the development of ideas. Interactive learning tools may be used to help present these ideas. The various creative thoughts and ideas produced within the group can result in efficient solutions to problems.

Question and Answers

Before lecturing on a particular topic begins in a classroom setting, the teacher may ask students to write down questions on small index cards. The teacher can then collect the cards, read them to the group, and provide answers to the questions submitted.

Incident Solution Process

This teaching style uses the format of a case study, but not a full-blown case study training session. The focus revolves around helping students solve real life problems involving real life situations and people. The incident solution process is an interactive teaching process designed to help students in small groups find workable solutions from details provided about actual incidents.

Think-Pair-Share Format

In this interactive teaching format, the teacher presents a question or problem to students who are then separated into pairs. Each pair of students is given a certain amount of time to develop a solution or conclusion to the question or problem. Each student in the pair is permitted to present his or her conclusion or answer in his or her voice. One student of the pair may evaluate what is being learned while the other student explains the concept under discussion. With variations to this process, students are able to effectively communicate, engage, and retain information about a particular subject.

In each of these interactive teaching styles, various interactive learning tools may be used to facilitate the learning process.

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