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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on August 4th, 2022

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Increase Student Engagement With VariQuest Tools

Student Engagement | VariQuest Tools: Cold Laminator 2510 | VariQuest Tools: Motiva 400 | VariQuest Tools: Perfecta 2400STP | VariQuest Tools: Perfecta 3600STP | VariQuest Tools: Perfecta 2400PRO

At VariQuest, we are your trusted source for the tools and resources you need to make your classroom a more powerful learning experience for students. The learning tools for visual learners we offer can help teachers teach more effectively and with greater ease and also help your students excel in their ability to absorb, comprehend, and retain educational information.

title funding side banner 2 2021Visual Machine Learning Tools to Enhance Classroom Engagement

If you want to change the educational environment in your classroom, consider our selection of innovative tools to enhance the ability of your students to learn visually. We offer the Cutout Maker 1800 Digital Die-Cut System, Perfecta® STP Poster Design Systems, Motiva® 400 Specialty Printing System, and Cold Laminator 2510 – all of which come paired with our Engage Every Learner® Content – created for educators, by educators.

All of our tools were built with educators in mind, providing a wide array of tools to help produce the visual aids required to teach students more effectively. These learning tools for visual learners are ideal to help reinforce student learning with visual supports, and create manipulatives for kinesthetic learning. Outstanding educational results are possible through the combination of these tools and our curriculum-based content.

Visual Tools to Help Learn Many Subjects

The visual machine learning tools we offer at VariQuest are perfect for enhancing the learning experience of students in a range of subjects, including math, technology, engineering, science, and the arts. With our classroom poster templates, for example, you can help students absorb, understand, and retain information much more efficiently than through non-visual methods of learning. Enhance your students’ attention, curiosity, and concentration through the combination of the products produced with these tools and our education-focused technology and content.

For more information about the kinesthetic and visual learning tools we offer at VariQuest, request a no-obligation demonstration, give us a call at 800.328.0585, or email We'd love to discuss solutions for solving challenges in your school!

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