How to Use Visual Machine Learning Tools to Make Students Feel Supported and Safe Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on December 22nd, 2020

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How to Use Visual Machine Learning Tools to Make Students Feel Supported and Safe

VariQuest Tools: Perfecta 2400STP | VariQuest Tools: Perfecta 3600STP

This wintertime at school looks stranger than it ever has and it is vital that students and school staff feel safe when coming into the classroom. At VariQuest, we’ve stood with educators via our Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Suite to help schools all across the country address the needs of the whole child through blended learning and differentiated instruction. Our visual machine learning tools have helped students feel supported throughout the years and in this ever-changing, tumultuous time, these tools are here to help make the transition back to school as smooth as possible.

Educate. Motivate. Communicate.® a Safe Return for Students

Entering the school space has changed dramatically and we know that safety among students and staff is at the forefront of everyone’s minds this fall. VariQuest’s visual machine learning tools are here to help you address the needs of your learning community. One of the most important aspects of communicating to students the new policies and procedures can be done using our Perfecta® Poster Design System - to create vibrant signage for safety expectations, school information, and directional posters throughout the corridors and classrooms.

Perfecta® Poster Design System Capabilities and Benefits

Designed as an all-in-one system, our Perfecta® Poster STP Series Design System helps you create colorful posters with a minimal footprint. Here are some of the key benefits to using this product:

  • It’s extremely easy to use
  • You can create all sizes of posters up to 36” wide
  • Scan-to-print functionality allows you to scale documents from small-to-big and big-to-small
  • Wi-Fi functionality is built in
  • And so much more
Your Perfecta® comes paired with our Engage Every Learner™ Content, which can be installed on your own computer or you can have it pre-loaded on our VariQuest Design Center with thousands of templates, cutouts, graphics, collections, and fonts designed for educators, by educators, to meet all of your health & safety, social-emotional learning, and general curriculum needs.

To learn about the various visual machine learning tools we at VariQuest offer, contact us today to meet with one of our expert education consultants and see for yourself how the suite would be a great fit in your school!
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