[eBook] Opening Schools Safely - Virus Prevention Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on October 8th, 2020

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[eBook] Opening Schools Safely - Virus Prevention

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Opening Schools Safely Virus Prevention eBook ThumbThere's so much to learn from this worldwide pandemic. And the questions multiply faster than the answers. One of the more prominent topics, is how to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe, when disease-spreading is at risk. Mask-wearing and social distancing were concepts we hadn't considered even one year ago, and now they are commonplace. We're all doing our best to help young people understand these strange new "norms."

When learning must go on and education isn't confined to the classroom, educators may be searching for creative ways to help students understand the WHY behind our current precautions. And you may also be looking for ways to reinforce these precautions within your school buildings. 

We've put together Opening Schools Safely: Virus Prevention, to give you some activities, ideas, and discussion topics to help students find answers to their questions, keep everyone healthy & safe, and satisfy some curriculum in the process.

Download this free eBook from VariQuest for:

  • Poster templates for "Stopping the Spread" and Wearing Masks (printable downloads!)
  • Ideas and tips for school building displays, signage, labels, and preservation
  • "Learning About Viruses" Take-Home Packet Activities/Lesson Plans
  • And more!

So let us help you with opening your schools while educating students on safe & healthy measures - download our eBook now as a helpful resource to teach and learn from your students, as our world keeps changing!

Download Opening Schools Safely - Virus Prevention

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