[Download] Writing With Caution Classroom Poster and Activities Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on June 15th, 2023

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[Download] Writing With Caution Classroom Poster and Activities

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THERE (not their, or they're) is no way around it - homophones are tricky...and the English language is full of them!

writing with caution poster thumbTeaching students to read and write is hard enough - but explaining that words with the same sound have different meanings and spellings just throws a whole wrench in your process. Kind of like that saying, "I-before-e-except-after-c"... unless there's a letter in-between...but then again there are other exceptions...like glacier...and...UGH!

While you have your school examples like principal and principle, or affect and effect, there are a few common homophones that are commonly misused by students and adults alike - and we've put together a poster to help which you can download for free!

Download Your Free Poster

Complete with definitions and examples, this poster will help your students remember how to use:

  • there, their, and they're
  • to, too, and two
  • your and you're

Hang this poster in your classroom for a visual anchor chart (use the VariQuest® Perfecta® Series Poster Design System), print 8.5x11" handouts for students to use as a folder insert, or print stickers (on the Motiva® 400 Specialty Printing System) to affix in student notebooks as reference material!

Writing Activities

Write About: Planning a trip

Have students focus on: there, their, and they're.

In this writing exercise, two main characters are going on a trip, and students need to use all three versions of the homophone to tell about it. For (a shortened) example, Greta and George are going to go to the Grand Canyon, and they know it's going to take 12 hours to get THERE, so they pack THEIR favorite snacks and drinks, and when they finally arrive, THEY'RE so tired they need to take a nap before exploring!

Write: A Journal Entry

Have students focus on: to, too, and two.

In a 2-paragraph journal entry, have students write about a recent event using each one of these words properly within the writing. For (a shortened) example, Susie and her mom went TO the movies, where she purchased TWO popcorns, because her mom wanted one TOO!

Write: A How-To

Have students focus on: your and you're.

For this activity, students will write an explanation of how to do something they are good at. Maybe Jimmy would like to explain to someone how to step up to the plate in baseball. A (shortened) example might look like, "You are going to want to choose YOUR favorite bat. Make sure it's not too heavy or long for you to swing! Then YOU'RE going to step up to the plate, and when the pitcher throws the ball, swing to hit it as hard as you can!"   

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