Die Cut Machine for Schools; Applications and Benefits Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on July 8th, 2021

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Die Cut Machine for Schools; Applications and Benefits

VariQuest Tools: Cutout Maker 1800

elementary cutout maker girlThe technology of die cutting machines has advanced over the years. These machines are particularly useful in schools for teachers and students for various educational applications. Schools can use them to produce many items that are highly effective at helping educate students. At VariQuest, we offer a high-quality digital die cutting machine – the Cutout Maker 1800 – for teachers to use in enhancing student learning in a visual manner through the production of numbers, letters, shapes, items for bulletin boards, and manipulatives.

Cutout_Maker_400_pixeljpeg-1Benefits of Using a Digital Die Cutting Machine

The various benefits of using a digital die cutting machine in your educational environment include:

  • Achieve cost savings with the scalability and versatility of electronic die-cuts
  • Help kinesthetic and visual learners engage with cutouts and manipulatives
  • Save time with the quick and easy creation of cutouts, manipulatives, and bulletin board displays
  • Form word walls with letters that automatically connect
  • Present complex ideas and topics with interactive cutouts to increase students’ learning success
  • No need any longer to re-cut laminated cutouts; after laminating construction paper, electronically cut it into the intended shapes.

Additional Advantages

water cycle individual cutout makerWith the use of visually stimulating and colorful bulletin board displays created with our digital die cutting machine, you can easily illustrate complex ideas. Since there is no need to use a manual machine or hand-cut, you can save a significant amount of time as a teacher on preparing lessons. The VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 includes scalable electronic dies ranging in size from 1” to 18”.

You can also cut more than construction paper with our Cutout Maker 1800. You can cut cardstock, vinyl sheets, laminated paper, and magnetic material as well. It is easy to show the work of students in your classroom through the creation of complex titles and shapes.

For more information about the highly versatile digital die cutting machine we offer for teachers and students, and how it can enhance your education experiences, give us a call today at 800.328.0585, email us at variquest@variquest.com. You may also request a demonstration of our learning and teaching tools in-person.