Cover Next Generation Science Standards with Help from VariQuest Blog Feature

By: Geena Maharaj on November 12th, 2015

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Cover Next Generation Science Standards with Help from VariQuest

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I remember how fascinated I was by Morse code when I first heard about it as a young fry. I can only imagine the proverbial lightbulb (well, probably a candle at that time) that went off in Samuel Morse’s mind as he came up with the idea for nonverbally telecommunicating with others.

No offense Sam, but boy, finger tapping conversations have come a long way.

Technological science is one facet of many on the “science diamond” that’s ever-evolving. Keeping up is critical, especially when education is involved. This is one of the primary reasons the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were developed and adopted by many. For nearly 15 years, the National Research Council and the American Association for Advancement in Science have not “produced the seminal documents on which most state standards are based” [source]. Fifteen years. Given the kind of breakthrough advancements we’ve experienced in the past decade alone, updated standards are a must.

That’s why at VariQuest, we’ve specifically designed many of our lesson plans and activities to relate to NGSS. Our science-based Learning Modules and content for Trifecta™ 800 3D Printer serve as proof, mixing project-based learning with modern-day science standards.

Take our bridge design lesson for example in the picture above (snazzy shirt not included in lesson). Students are expected to apply their knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion, forces, vectors, and equilibrium to the construction of a bridge that will carry the greatest load. In this particular lesson plan for Trifecta, students must design their own 3D printed “joints” to build their bridge, in addition to testing their prototype to refine its design. It’s a great alignment to NGSS’ Physical Science 2A: Forces and Motion, not to mention an effective plan for project-based learning.

Need something a little lower level? Our Learning Modules are packed with curriculum-based content for VariQuest’s Cutout Maker 1800. The “Amazing Water Cycle” activity in our Earth Science 1 module will teach children to identify and describe the patterns of daily, monthly, and seasonal changes in their environment. They’ll understand the processes involved in the water cycle, aligning to NGSS’ Earth and Space Sciences 2C: The Role of Water in Earth’s Surface Processes.

Want more than these two snapshots? If you like what you read on the Learning Modules, have a sneak preview here. For Trifecta, check out our VariQuest™ Resource Center, and click on the Trifecta tab. Trifecta is our brand new 3D printer that was exclusively designed for use in schools. Click below to learn more about how we're taking education to the next dimension!