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Carman Le

By: Carman Le on April 12th, 2018

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[Lesson Plan] Counting Strategies Activity: Build a Fruit Basket

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kindergarten counting strategies lesson planAs more and more schools expand their curriculum offerings to include Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs spanning the 16 Career Clusters, the need for resources to help these students has grown along with it. One of these clusters, obviously close to our hearts at VariQuest, is the Education & Training pathway - so along with supporting educators who facilitate this goal with students, we also want to support those students considering a career in the industry!

So - do you have an Early Education Program with your secondary students? Or maybe you're a Pre-K or Kindergarten teacher looking for activities to help students learn about numbers and counting? We've got a free lesson plan for you, aligned with Common Core Math Standard K.CC.A.1-5: "Counting Strategies: Build a Fruit Basket!"

counting fruit basket lesson plan activity

This activity involves students following directions, naming numbers, identifying types of fruit, counting forward, and writing numbers. During this activity, students will count out the exact numbers of fruit pieces that are indicated on the task cards to build their fruit baskets. After placing the indicated fruit in the basket, students will write, using dry-erase markers, the total number of fruit pieces in the basket. You can decide to have students draw random cards or assign specific levels to them depending upon their needed level of practice.

Download this free lesson plan for your secondary students to teach in their Early Education learning programs, use it in your own classroom!  

Download the Counting Strategies Lesson Plan and Printables!


IMG_0037.jpg Carman Lis an elementary school educator with experience teaching in multiple school settings, ranging from Title I to STEM magnet to National Blue Ribbon schools. Carman has a master’s degree in teaching (MAT) from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She was recognized as a MeckEd Teacher of Excellence in 2015. Carman is passionate about collaborating with teachers and engaging students through hands-on learning and the integration of technology.