Interactive PDF: School Environment & Bullying Prevention Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on June 2nd, 2014

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Interactive PDF: School Environment & Bullying Prevention

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Screen Shot 2014 06 01 at 3.47.31 PM resized 600Bullying remains a critical issue that requires the attention of an entire school. What’s more, bullies are no longer just a handful of students on the playground or in the classroom—cyberbullying has arguably created more dangerous bullies fortified with the illusion of anonymity acting behind a username can bring. So, what can schools do to make sure that at the very least students feel safe and supported within school walls?

We have taken this blog post about bullying and created a more in-depth, interactive PDF complete with links, suggestions, and real-life teacher experiences. Additionally, the posters we created using Poster My Wall (embedded in the PDF) can be downloaded in high-resolution form with one click!

It's only 5 pages long and housed on the uber cool Uberflip, so take a look! 

School Environment & Bullying Prevention