Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-10 Blog Feature

By: Margo Ensz on May 1st, 2014

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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-10

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Teachers don't stop forming lives as soon as a student steps leaves his or her classroom. We're sure each and every one of you can remember a teacher that had a lasting impact on you. You can probably even remember their names, whether they taught you last year or decades ago. When was the last time you thanked a teacher? 

Next week (May 4-10) is Teacher Appreciation Week, and Tuesday, May 6th, is National Teacher Appreciation Day. This is a great week for students to do something special for their teachers, but anyone who has been touched by an educator can celebrate and appreciate them, as they deserve.

#ThankATeacher is already trending on Twitter, and the results are a delightful mix of touching and fun. You can simply share an experience, a teacher’s name, or how you will thank a teacher this week using the hashtag #ThankaTeacher.

The NEA has a great set of pages dedicated to National Teacher Appreciation Week, including the results of a teacher poll which asked "What do you want for Teacher Appreciation Day?" Do the results surprise you? NEA also has a collection of artwork, posters, & web banners you can easily download and display online or print off to show your support next week.

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For parents, the national PTA has compiled a great list of ideas to honor teachers, including templates for cards, banners, etc. Cozi also offers 5 simple ways for families to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Even Chipotle is offering teachers a special deal on May 6th.

We will be posting ideas on Pinterest as they come as well, so if you haven't yet, follow us for unique and creative thank you gifts and ideas for teachers! 

We encourage you to take a moment out of your week to thank a teacher. Whether virtually or in person, every thank you counts! 

  • If you can write an essay, #ThankATeacher
  • If you love to read, #ThankATeacher
  • If you can calculate a tip, #ThankATeacher
  • If you learned a second language, #ThankATeacher

What are some ways you will thank a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week? 

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