Grades 6-8 Activity: Logic Puzzles Blog Feature

By: Lindsey Graff on October 14th, 2013

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Grades 6-8 Activity: Logic Puzzles

Grade Level: Secondary (7-12) | Grade Level: Intermediate (3-6) | VariQuest Tools: Design Center Software | VariQuest Tools: Poster Maker 3600 | Featured Topics: Lessons and Activities | Academic Subject: Mathematics

logic puzzle variquest
Engage students in logical thinking by giving them an opportunity to work in teams to solve puzzles while practicing math skills
Mathematical reasoning involves drawing logical conclusions based on assumptions and the information provided. Give students an opportunity to practice their logical decision-making skills using educational puzzles. Look for logic puzzles that involve strategy, reasoning and mathematical operations for this cooperative group activity. 
  • Using the scan-to-print feature on the Poster Maker, enlarge an 8 ½” x 11” copy of a puzzle into a poster for each group. Groups can work on the same puzzle, or each group can work on a different puzzle.
  • If students are not familiar with the rules of the puzzle, work through an example as a class. Check for student understanding, then divide students into groups and give each of them a puzzle poster.
  • Have groups work together to solve the puzzle. Give each group member a different colored marker to ensure that all students are participating. Once they have successfully solved the puzzle, have each student write a paragraph that explains the logic their group used when coming up with the solution for their puzzle.
  • For an added element of fun, make this activity a competition. The group that finishes first doesn’t have homework that night!

Here are some helpful websites with examples of logic puzzles: