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By: Lindsey Graff on August 31st, 2013

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Differentiated Instruction Webinar: How to use the VariQuest tools to enhance your instructional strategies and classroom management techniques

Featured Topics: Differentiated Instruction | Featured Topics: Professional Development

This webinar was streamed live on February 17, 2011 at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm CST.

“This was an excellent presentation and I appreciate the invitation to take part. Thank you for supporting our teachers and students.” -Differentiated Instruction Webinar Participant

Watch Part I of the Differentiated Instruction Webinar to discover how you can use VariQuest Visual Learning Tools to:

  • incorporate instructional strategies that encourage active student engagement
  • construct learning activities that meet the diverse needs of the 21st century student population
  • foster collaborative group work opportunities that allow for the development of both social skills and content mastery
  • advance critical thinking skills using graphic organizers

Part II of the Differentiated Instruction Webinar highlights classroom management applications that:

  • strengthen existing strategies
  • reduce problem behaviors with visual supports

Thanks for the great feedback from teachers who participated in the Differentiated Instruction Webinar:

“Different uses were brought to light… I had forgotten all of the things that could be done with the Poster Maker as pertains to differentiated instruction.”

“The webinar showed me many applications for our building and the district I had not even thought of.”

“Thanks again for supporting our school and educational efforts.”