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By: Lindsey Graff on August 31st, 2013

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Instructional Strategies for ELL Students Using VariQuest

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This webinar focuses on how Classroom teachers, ELL program directors and curriculum coordinators can support ELL students by using VariQuest Visual Learning Tools to incorporate visual strategies into their classroom instruction and to create a print-rich environment that fosters language development and academic achievement. The webinar includes 2 guest panelists from California, Donna Tonry, Principal at Sherman Oaks Elementary School and Cindy Lubke, Resource Teacher and Literacy Coach at Sunnyslope Elementary School. Together they share programs they’ve implemented in their schools, along with instructional strategies they’re currently using.

ELL Instructional Strategies from VariQuest

ELL Instructional Strategies from Donna Tonry

ELL Instructional Strategies from Cindy Lubke