[Video] How Can I Create Vinyl Floor Markers for My School? Blog Feature

By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on January 12th, 2022

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[Video] How Can I Create Vinyl Floor Markers for My School?

VariQuest Tools: Cutout Maker 1800

Ocean Sensory Path cutout maker 2We're used to seeing them everywhere now - not just as lines on a basketball court for gym class, but where to stand for social distancing and which direction to walk down a hallway. Vinyl floor markers, which are great tools for health and safety, can also be used for sensory paths, athletic activities, and room organization, making them a useful activity in classrooms, hallways, and school buildings to increase student engagement and "get out the wiggles" while learning.

So you might be thinking, "Yes, I know they're great, but how can I create vinyl floor markers for my school?"

Of course, as visual learners ourselves, we're here to show you:

The VariQuest® Cutout Maker 1800 Digital Die-Cut Machine, paired with the VariQuest Design Software, is a perfect tool to save you time in creating vinyl floor graphics for your students. With over 5,000 shapes, fonts, collections, and templates available in our Engage Every Learner® Content library, you'll find sensory paths, directional tools, and so much more!

For example, you can use the Cutout Maker to create this Forest Adventure Sensory Path or Ocean Exploration Sensory Path as an English Language Arts (ELA) Unit of study for elementary students where they practice sight word and reading skills alongside learning more about ocean and forest ecosystems!

And that's not all this digital die-cut machine for schools can do. You can create manipulatives, design bulletin boards, develop school store offerings, and so much more while saving time and space in your school workroom.

For more information on the VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 Digital Die-Cut Machine and how it could solve challenges around health & safety, social-emotional learning, CTE programs, and curriculum in your school using many federal funding streams, contact us today for a no-obligation demonstration with one of our dedicated education consultants!

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