Menu Math: Lesson Plan for Grades 1-3 Blog Feature

By: Geena Maharaj on May 22nd, 2015

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Menu Math: Lesson Plan for Grades 1-3

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The following lesson plan is part of our partnership with two creative educators from The Curriculum Corner, bringing you free Common Core aligned lesson ideas, teacher resources, and templates you can easily print with your VariQuest® Perfecta® Poster Design System - just be sure you have the latest version of the VariQuest Software!


Application of Operations & Strategies to Solve Money Word Problems


Students will increase independence in using operations & various strategies to solve real-world money math problems.


  • The Grill (Yellow Menu)
  • Yellow Menu Math Word Problem Cards
  • The Grill (Green Menu)
  • Green Menu Math Word Problem Cards


  • Print and laminate 3 to 4 copies of each colored “The Grill” menu (green and yellow) with your VariQuest Perfecta and VariQuestCold Laminator
  • Print, laminate and cut out the set of 16 yellow word problem cards.
  • Print, laminate and cut out the set of 16 green word problem cards.
  • Gather money manipulatives (coins and bills) and place in a basket for use at the center if needed.


These word problem cards have been created for use as an independent or small group math center in the classroom.

There are 16 word problems that correspond to the yellow “The Grill” menu and 16 word problems that correspond to the green “The Grill” menu. The two sets are meant to be used simultaneously as needed to provide for differentiation at this learning center. The yellow menu and cards contain smaller money amounts and lower level math skills than do the green menu and cards. However, each set starts with more simple problems that gradually become more difficult.

This center activity involves students in reading problems, gathering information from the menu, deciding upon coins to use (if necessary) and adding money amounts. The more difficult problems have the students determining totals and making change. You can choose to have students draw random cards and show their work in a math notebook (or on a piece of paper), or you might choose to assign specific colored cards and problems to students depending upon their needed level of practice. A key for each set of the 16 problems has been provided, as well one page of blank card templates for teachers or students to create their own word problems involving “The Grill” menus.

*NOTE: If using both sets of cards at one math center, be sure to tell students that the green cards go with the green “The Grill” menu and the yellow cards go with the yellow “The Grill” menu. One way to cut down on confusion is to have two centers (yellow and green) set up at different locations in the classroom.

yellow_menu_image  green_menu_image


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