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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on November 8th, 2023

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[Lesson Plan] How to Write a Research Paper: The Research Process

Lessons/Activities/Templates | Academic Subject: English Language Arts | Grade Level: Secondary (7-12) | Grade Level: Intermediate (3-6)

Part 1 how to write a research paper cover thumbResearch-writing has changed a lot over the years, and with the prominence of artificial intelligence, those changes are only going to continue.

As students learn the important skill of responsibly researching for their writing, we at VariQuest have put together a 42-page booklet, split into two parts (to make it easier to digest and teach!) and this first part focuses on the research portion of the process.

From choosing a topic, to learning to paraphrase, to writing a thesis, these lessons are designed in a writers'-workshop-style to immerse students in every important step of writing a research paper. Using the example of The Great Barrier Reef, each lesson is paired with a handful of helpful printables - including anchor charts, discussion-prompts, and more!

Part 1 of How to Write a Research Paper explores the research portion of the writing process, guiding students in grades 5-7 through independently gathering information to write a paper on a chosen topic. Developed in partnership with Cathy Henry of The Curriculum Corner, students will come away with plenty of research and sources to begin part 2 of the journey - The Writing Process.

In this activity you'll find:

  • Lessons 1-9 of the How to Write a Research Paper Unit focused on the research part of the process
  • Downloadable posters, activity cards, awards, & more!
  • An assessment rubric to review final papers

Download How to Write a Research Paper: Part 1

Ready for Part 2? Download that here!

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