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By: VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite on October 16th, 2023

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[Lesson Plan] Artificial Intelligence for the Writing Classroom

Lessons/Activities/Templates | Academic Subject: English Language Arts | Grade Level: Secondary (7-12) | Grade Level: Intermediate (3-6)

artificial intelligence in the writing classroom cover thumbThere are so many questions when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it will affect humankind in the future. At its best, it can help us learn and understand even more about the world around us - making tasks easier, helping us remember important appointments, and simplifying the search for information. At its worst, it could take away our jobs, our creativity, and our critical thinking skills to rely (too much) on technology.

Of course, one area we're all very concerned about is - how will this impact the lives of young people, who are growing up in an AI-focused world?

Because it's unrealistic to ignore AI technology and the fact that students will be navigating this option with or without adult supervision, helping your students in the classroom make responsible decisions about how to use AI is a great first step.

In this writer's workshop lesson plan, an excerpt from our upcoming How to Write a Research Paper lesson plan unit, students in grades 5-7 will be guided through the process of ethically using artificial intelligence for research to write a paper on a chosen topic. Developed in partnership with Cathy Henry of The Curriculum Corner, students will come away with a great understanding of how AI can can be a powerful tool when used responsibly.

In this activity you'll find:

  • One lesson plan with extensions and helpful tips for teachers
  • Teacher support resources on using artificial intelligence in the classroom
  • 8 printables including anchor charts, worksheets, and more!

Download Artificial Intelligence for the Writing Classroom

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