Last Year's Perfecta Winner at ISTE: Maggie Helck Blog Feature

By: Geena Maharaj on June 24th, 2016

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Last Year's Perfecta Winner at ISTE: Maggie Helck

Perfecta | VariQuest Tools: Perfecta 2400

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) boasts one of the largest ed tech conferences in the nation, drawing from 16,000 educators across the globe for professional learning, collaborative networking opportunities, and of course, some big prizes.
Every year, we at VariQuest do an irresistible giveaway that leaves winners' jaws dangling to the floor. Last year's jaw was dropped by one happy teacher at Fairchild Wheeler Magnet School--Maggie Helck.
MaggieHelck_ISTE15_Perfecta_Winner.jpgFrom left: Heather of VariQuest, Maggie Helck of Fairchild Wheeler Magnet School, and Geena of VariQuest pose with ISTE 2015's Perfecta winner.
Maggie resorted to "mentally freaking out" when she received her notification that she had won, as she was alone in a session.

The folks here at VariQuest chatted with the Multimedia Teacher of Connecticut to learn about her experience with the Perfecta one year later. Maggie cited that learning how to use Perfecta was very simple and convenient for her and her principal to do. "It was super easy. The fact that it was online and there were lots of training options, I picked what worked best for me and [the principal]."

When asked if Perfecta has had an impact on Fairchild Wheeler, Maggie was adamant that the presence of school spirit is deeply felt by all at school and in the community. Being that Fairchild Wheeler is a brand new high school with the first class graduating in 2016, Perfecta was incessantly running with graduation posters for the big event on June 14. Overall, the full-color printer is used widely for "boosting school morale and for the spirit types of functions."
Maggie and the other educators remarked that while both staff and students are creating posters, it's the students who are doing a good chunk of the design work, allowing for a creative outlet in the student body. While Maggie approves the posters being printed, many people are using the Perfecta. "It helps that it's easy to use; the printer is also very portable, making it even easier for others to move it around and print."

If you're looking to transform your school walls, the Perfecta Full Color Poster Design System will go above and beyond. Teachers nationwide rave about the PDF-to-Poster feature, the ability to scale posters to four sizes, and the crisp, high quality output (aka Maggie's favorite part about the printer). Learn more about this award-winning system by clicking below!
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