Last Year's Perfecta Winner at ISTE: Kitty Herbel Blog Feature

By: Geena Maharaj on June 25th, 2015

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Last Year's Perfecta Winner at ISTE: Kitty Herbel

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Last Year's Perfecta Winner at ISTE: Kitty Herbel


If you overheard this public outburst back at ISTE in 2014, you witnessed Kitty Herbel realizing she had won—big time. The Waller Middle School educator won the one and only VariQuest™ Perfecta™ Poster Design System, and she couldn’t have been happier.

Herbel uses the full-color poster and banner printer to fulfill a wide variety of needs. “I use it to create posters and banners for school and district functions, our technology conference, the maker faire…I’m even planning on using it for a poster design contest,” she said.

Since winning the printer, Herbel believes it has changed her school. She finds that most elementary schools have a colorful and fun personality, while middle schools err on the more serious side. Now that the Perfecta has made its debut in Waller Middle School, the walls have become “more fun and festive…everything looks so much more lively.”

Despite living in a digital age, Herbel finds visual supports such as infographics and mind-maps are still important in education, explaining that, “you have to tap into the needs of every student as not all students are auditory learners.” With Perfecta, you can easily differentiate instruction by creating colorful diagrams, charts, graphic organizers, and more. Check out our post on the importance of visuals in education.

And printing these graphics is easy with Perfecta! Users can conveniently scale posters to four sizes, easily scan documents to print with the scanner, or quickly print PDFs by using the PDF-to-Poster feature—which Herbel noted as her favorite feature.

The Perfecta Poster Design System has everything a school needs to add personality to its walls, just ask last year’s winner. Or ask us at ISTE in three short days. We're giving away yet another Perfecta! Sign up for the raffle at booth 746, and who knows, you could be this year’s lucky winner!

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