Black History Month Activity Blog Feature

By: Geena Maharaj on January 29th, 2016

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Black History Month Activity

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Celebrate Black History Month by discussing important historical figures with this VariQuest middle school activity!

     • Perfecta™ 2400
     • Perfecta paper - Heavyweight Coated is recommended
     • Cold Laminator 2510         OR         Cutout Maker 1800
        ♢ Dry erase markers        OR            Tape

1. Using the PDF-to-Print feature on your Perfecta, print the Black History Month poster and the corresponding activity poster in standard size (24" x 34").

2.Using your Cold Laminator, laminate both posters. This allows you or the students to write on the posters with dry erase markers, and adds longevity to your posters for future activities. Variation: if you are unable to laminate your posters, cut out letters A-F using your Cutout Maker. Letters should be between 2-3" in height.

Post the Black History Month poster in your classroom and read each quote out loud, along with the six different names. Have students work in groups of six to logically guess the activist who said each quote. Allow each group to either write with a dry erase marker their answers, or to tape the letter cutouts next to the quote. After every group has a turn, unveil the answers to the class.

Post the activity poster, and read the questions allowed. Assign or allow groups to pick an activist, ensuring all activists are covered. Have groups discuss the questions for 10 minutes, then discuss everyone’s answers as a class.

Want to do this activity with your students? Fill out this brief form and download both posters. Remember to let us know what you think of the activity by commenting below!